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The Coin Strike: Hold and Win Slot, launched in April 2023 by Playson, swiftly captured attention with its distinctive features and impressive visuals. While sharing some similarities with other Playson slots, its gameplay remains captivating, providing a robust gaming adventure. Coin Strike: Hold and Win introduces various bonus features and unique symbols to elevate the overall gaming thrill.

This analysis provides an in-depth examination of the slot’s gameplay dynamics, bonus elements, and the overall satisfaction it delivers to players.

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win


Special Symbols: features diverse bonus symbols, including Wilds for substitutions and Scatters for unlocking unique features, crucial for maximizing winning chances.

Respin Mechanism: The core of Coin Strike: Hold and Win lies in its Respin Mechanism, activated by landing the required bonus symbols, offering respins with potential multipliers or jackpots.

Unique Bonus Round: The game introduces a Bonus Game triggered by special symbols, transporting players to a new environment with additional prize and jackpot opportunities.

Thrilling Jackpot Inclusion: The game includes a Jackpot Feature, offering Mini, Minor, or Major jackpots, culminating in the Grand Jackpot for significant win potential.

No Purchase Feature:  maintains traditional slot anticipation, without a direct purchase option for accessing bonus rounds, keeping excitement tied to regular gameplay triggers.

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win


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  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Mia Starlight
    23.85 USD
  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Aska Bloom
    238 USD
  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Eva Porter
    238 USD
  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Mia Starlight
    23.85 USD
  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Aska Bloom
    238 USD
  • Coin Strike: Hold and Win
    Eva Porter
    238 USD

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Coin Strike: Hold and Win


Coin Strike: Hold and Win is an engrossing casino game that skillfully combines modern action with traditional charm. Inspired by the popular "Royal Coins 2" game, this upgraded version adds a ton of new features for an improved gaming experience. The goal is straightforward: to ensure wins, gather identical coins across all five paylines in the 3x3 reel layout.


Watch this space for a deeper examination of the slot machine's exceptional feature—its distinct function. Even inexperienced players may quickly pick up on the simple gameplay thanks to the user-friendly customization choices. What distinguishes Coin Strike: Hold and Win? Get ready to lose yourself in a unique and captivating game world with slick new features.


Come play at our casino today and enjoy the thrill of cutting-edge visuals, equitable payouts, and thrilling bonuses. With Coin Strike: Hold and Win, you can get started on your way to huge winnings right now!


Playson has been making online slots for nearly eight years. By enabling the software to be embedded into any platform, the business hopes to make the solution user-friendly for casinos and entertaining for spectators by offering unique dynamics. The developer is moving in the right direction, despite not yet being a significant participant in the gaming industry.  If you want to relax, make more money, and potentially even change your life, choose their slots. With colorful characters, unique features, enticing promotions, and incentives, each model is a unique universe. Playson slot machines display a variety of tales that cover the most popular subjects.

Who is the brilliant mind behind this amazing casino mode? Playson, one of the first online casinos, entices users with its colorful modes and ongoing addition of new features. Their games are giving them a great deal of excitement, which has resulted in a similar but different zeal. Grab the coin, hold it, and you'll succeed. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people look forward to each game. They always amaze new players with our game themes, which include cartoon characters, lush jungles, and much more. A key element in the success of the company's games is the creative way they introduce new features and enhance gameplay in general. The corporation is committed to maintaining the benchmarks established by the industry.



Coin Strike: Hold and Win - casino slot, where cutting-edge action combines with vintage charm! This updated version, which is based on the popular "Royal Coins 2" game, offers an improved gameplay experience with a ton of additional features to keep you interested. The goal is straightforward: gather identical coins on all five paylines in the 3x3 reel layout to win.

We'll go into more detail about slot unique function soon, which is one of its best features. Easy customization choices make it easy to understand the intuitive gameplay, even for inexperienced gamers. What makes Coin Strike: Hold and Win game unique? Your attention will be drawn to the distinctive and captivating environment created by the sleek new design features.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure with our game!


Graphics in Coin Strike: Hold and Win game is a little different from in other modes created by Playson. Interface is simple but pleasant. Background is not dynamic, made in dark blue colors and reminds some slots with Zeus, because there are lightning bolts. Despite the modest appearance of animation, without bad pictures, textures and effects. At jackpots and transitions to different functions appear quite bright flashes, which gives little dynamics in game. As for interface - simple and clear, everything you need is displayed directly in the front panel, impossible to lose anything.



Music fits very well into game style. Music is not boring, rather relaxing gives the maximum to get away from all the everyday problems, immerse yourself in the world of excitement. Sound effects are pleasant, though quite clear and ringing. Music is jazz with an emphasis on wind instruments. Rich sound of rotating drums and cymbals also complements the orchestra very well and leads to getting big wins.


Max Rate

Let's talk about the highest payouts on Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot. First off, if the wager was one credit, the largest win will be 1000 credits, or 1000 times. Let's think about how to win such a jackpot: getting a winning line will be the first step. There are three ways to get bonus symbols: hold and win; knock out the event Pile of Gold, which will lead to the previous technique; and apply the first method in the bonus round, which is the third way.

BUT, the following variables may have an impact on the magnitude of the prizes:

96.51% RTP

The highest wager for this medium-level volatility slot is 100.

High RTP

The amount of money utilized to reimburse the casino for all player wagers is known as return to player. With an amazing 95.7%, Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot ensures fair and balanced gameplay. Gamers that start little can nevertheless potentially win their money back. The game's attractive features and high percent of this make it popular among players seeking consistency and winning opportunities.


Volatility Level

Reveals not just the return to player percentage of the game but also its degree of volatility. Players can anticipate a fluid and seldom varied gameplay experience in the case of the game. Because of its moderate volatility, the Coin Strike: Hold and Win online game is popular to both casual gamers and those looking for high-adrenaline thrills because it strikes a balance between frequent payouts and sporadic large winnings. Therefore, this slot machine provides an exciting and fulfilling experience for all kinds of gamers, regardless of whether they're in it for the long run or just hoping for that big win.


Symbols and Payments


I propose to consider playing through a machine. The Coin Strike: Hold and Win free game offers 8 different сharacters and this does not tally the special ones! Strangely enough, most of them are different kinds of fruits and berries. They do not cost very much, so get rich knocking out the usual combinations you probably can not. These symbols are created rather not for value, but for the sake of maintaining balance, because they can be found almost everywhere. They are the main key to building the equilibrium of the slot. That is, you would not be so pleasant to play, and the game quickly gets boring if every spin you do not get a nice bonus. Now let's look at the specific types: cherry, orange, lemon, plums, grapes. It is in such a sequence in which they are built and grows price. As for their graphics, we can only say that there are no complaints, all the symbols are drawn clearly, without bloopers and in good resolution, as well as a pleasant animation that gives full pleasure to the eye.

-Cherries give 5-20-fold winnings depending on if you fall out 3-5 symbols

-Oranges give already 5-25-fold winnings with 3–5 symbols

-Lemons 3–5 symbols fixed 5-30x

-Plums more significant winnings 5-40x for 3–5

-And finally the maximum amount on the balance from the usual symbols you can get if you fall 3–5 symbols of grapes that will give you a 5-50-fold multiplier.


But you probably noticed that earlier it was stated that there are 8 symbols, but we only named 5 of them. The 3 remaining ones are high paying symbols: bells, sevens and the so-called BARS. As expected, the winnings from them are much higher than from the low-paying symbols. But at the same time, this resonance compensates for a rarer appearance than the above symbols. Interesting fact that even without resorting to any functions, with the help of these symbols can already knock out an impressive score!

All symbols are arranged in order of increase:


-3 symbols: 10x

-4 symbols: 50x

-5 symbols: 75x


-3 characters: 15x

-4 symbols: 75x

-5 characters: 100x


-3 characters: 20x

-4 characters: 100x

-5 characters: 125x


Coin Strike

This Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot machine's main feature starts when a bonus symbol shows up on at least one of the three reels. This is the aspect in the game that is used the most. The bonus symbols are characterized by their vibrant colors and diversity, and include the four jackpot coins, the coin with the lightning bolt theme, and the instant payment sign that collects every coin on the reels. There's a catch, though: this feature may only be used on the middle reel.

Unique symbols like Mini, Minor, Major, Grand will also emerge in addition to these. During ordinary gaming, these symbols might increase profits in following spins or add to your bonus game payouts. With Coin Strike's captivating symbols and dynamic features, get ready to strike it rich!


Hold and win

Presenting an exciting new mode for entertainment. Activate this thrilling feature by landing at least one bonus symbol on each reel to dive into excitement. With a minimum win of 25x guaranteed and a maximum payout of 1000x your stake, get ready for insane wins.

Bonus symbols take over the reels during Hold and Win, guaranteeing substantial wins on each spin. Get regular coins for payouts that are up to 15 times your stake; or go for a jackpot, which can pay out anywhere between 25 and 1000 times your bet.

Feel the excitement mode, where each spin has potential to yield significant winnings.


Gold Pile

The last feature is eagerly awaited! While this is similar to other slots, Playson gives it a special touch. The mode that we previously covered can be activated by this function. The bonus phase begins when custom symbols land on the first, third, or both reels. This is when luck enters the picture — you start with three spins, and each time a personalized symbol appears, you get an additional three spins. If bad luck strikes, though, the round ends, but you can still play. Introducing the exciting prospect of winning a jackpot is this feature.



While some players may be disappointed that the Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot does not provide classic free spins, Playson's substitute turns out to be superior. In this game, re-spins take the place of free spins, providing a distinctive and memorable experience. The excitement they provide is unmatched, even though they could take longer to activate. The reels will resin if any of the three bonus symbols appears on them.



We now arrive at the Gamble function. It's recognizable, is it not? Naturally, as it is frequently available on other slots. This is a common feature that lets you raise your wager for free two or four times on average. However, there's also a chance you could lose everything, so proceed with caution. How does it operate? You have an option between two distinct colored cards: black and red. Try your luck in this feature if you are certain that you are the fortunate one today. You can keep playing Coin Strike: Hold and Win online once you win. Still, people, step up your game with some common sense!



Oh! Don't dare to try your luck in real money mode? Then use the demo version! Your money stays intact, you don't invest anything. You bet, look at the symbols, win money. All the same features, because sometimes it is so nice to see a large sum on the screen without investment. Pay here for scrolls virtual currency. But still there is a downside to the demo version - there is not so much excitement and adrenaline. Try and decide, we are sure that you will not resist this slot. Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot offers a demo version, so you can try your hand before trying your real luck!



Well, after evaluating all the features, pros and cons of the machine, it's time to summarize. We can unequivocally say that Coin Strike: Hold and Win slot machine is decent, although quite simply designed and arranged. Despite your bet the slot offers good payouts due to its bonus games. But still if you like bright animations, flashes and 3d graphics, this machine may not be for you, although still try to find something special for you.

On the plus side, we would include a simple gameplay - just a few buttons, it is understandable even for beginners. Also, quite generous payouts. The slot will pay you a maximum amount of 1000 times your initial bet. Small or large budget does not play a role, because it will accept any bet.

I do not know if this can be attributed to minuses, because it's all on the amateur, but as we thought the machine lacks colorfulness, effects and more modern graphics.

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